• Credential Life-Coach PCC ICF
  • Member of the International ICF Federation
  • Counseling psychologist, expert in the development of relationships and emotional transformation.

Up to now, I have held more than 1900 hours of coaching and psychology counseling sessions.
In my work, I use not only my knowledge, skills, and abilities gained over the years of my practice, but also scientific research and (more important) my personal experience.

I am constantly training and studying to improve my existing skills, and to acquire those new ones that will strengthen my competence.
Professional activity

  • In the past, the head of the logistics department of a large holding company;
  • Participant of numerous training seminars, conferences in the field of psychology, neuro-linguistics, and coaching;
  • Since 2010 I've been having private coaching practice;
  • Since 2012, I have been working with company owners on boosting company efficiency through finding resources and overcoming their limitations. I have also been involved in the field of personnel diagnostics, HR and employees adaptation in the company;
  • In 2017, I became the co-founder of the LTV-Experts Group (Human Resources Training Company), and the co-founder of STM Business Consulting (diagnostics and business support);
  • Author of the program "YOU - are Me" aimed at improving parent-child relationships;
  • Author of the mini-program for the immigrants "Adaptation of adolescents to the new foreign environment";
  • Author of the mini-program "Career guidance for adolescents";
  • Author of the program "Preparing a couple for parenthood before conception";
  • Author of the program "9 open questions awakening parental awareness";
  • Author of the transformation program "Improving the quality of life.
  • University of Engineering and Economics, Faculty of International Management;

  • School of Law and Finance, Faculty of Economics and Finance;

  • Institute of Group and Family Psychology and Psychotherapy course "Erickson hypnosis";

  • International Erickson University, specialization: "Life Coach", "Negotiation Coaching", "Family Coaching", "The Art &Science of Mindfulness" "CoachMastery PCC way";

  • Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching "Stile Coach";

  • Institute of Modern Psychology "IMATON", courses: "Mediation", "Modern techniques of manipulation and counter-manipulation in the practice of business communication";

  • Institute of Modern Psychology "IMATON", "Psychology: integrative approach";

  • Institute of Modern Psychology "IMATON", "Psychotherapy of neurotic and psychosamatic disorders";

  • "QCIC" long-term course "Strategic Thinking" by Albert Safin;

  • Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, faculty of Psychological counseling and personality diagnostics;

  • Academy of Professional Coaching "5prism"], "Integration of the psychological approach into Coaching"; "Coaching of entrepreneurs".

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