Authorial method:

Practicing Psychologist;
Professional Coach PCC ICF;
Member of International Coaching Federation (ICF Los-Angeles);
Member of International Association of Psychologists;
Co-founder of the Community "RCC"
(Russian-Speakers Coaching Club USA, Canada)
Authorial method:

Practicing Psychologist;
Professional Coach PCC ICF;
Member of International Coaching Federation (ICF Los-Angeles);
Member of International Association of Psychologists;
Co-founder of the Community "RCC"
(Russian-Speakers Coaching Club USA, Canada).
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I sincerly believe that coaching is more effective,
when it is based on a solid psychological foundation!
I provide coaching and psychological support in Russian and in English.
Over 3 000 hours of practice.
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My primary competence -
is your Relationships and Emotions.

I am an Expert in the field of conflict resolution, relationships, and emotional states transformation.

My mission and passion is
to pass on knowledge and experience,
bringing changes and awareness into all the areas of the client's life. Through the positive emotional state, we together create inspirational goals and values, thus boosting motivation, revealing the highest potential, and finding additional areas for development. It is essential for me to explore abilities and opportunities, to develop the existing skills, to update resources, to expand the comfort zone, the personal framework of perception of reality, and to support the strengths in every person!

My goal is
your positive changes and your result.

For me, it is really important to be as much help as possible for every client.

That is the reason why I prefer individual work and in-depth work with each client.
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My programs:
The multidimensional approach to counseling works efficiently both in personal and professional spheres of life, allowing you to achieve high results, to maintain and strengthen them!
Intensive programs
The program "SuperMom14". Improving parent-child relationships.

As the saying goes, "We all come from childhood."

We are born into the world and instantly fall into the "learning environment." We learn how to talk, how to feel, how to react, and much, much more. And who are our teachers? Of course, this is what surrounds us. It is generally accepted that at birth, we do not choose the environment, and logically, when we are born, we greedily grab everything we can get from it.

Now let's talk a little about who gives, what is given, and how ... no doubt, these are parents and all those who have access to our children. They provide, consciously or unconsciously, what they can: from reactions to upbringing and education. They do it the way they can, the way they once learned it from their parents or later.

Parental beliefs, dialogues, reactions, and expectations - all this forms our attitude towards children and children's attitude towards us. And while the children are in the phase of active learning, we do not have problems understanding each other, but as soon as they start growing up, here it begins! "We do not understand and do not want to understand each other"!

My program is designed for those couples or parents and children who both want to improve their relations, and ready for the 'reboot,' for profound transformation in relationships, and positive changes!

The program allows you to:

• Create the relationship you dreamed about;

• Learn to hear and to understand each other;

• Recognize your role and the degree of participation in the relationship;

• See the World through the eyes of your child (parent, partner);

• Identify important life values;

• Resolve conflicts and difficult situations in relationships;

• Harmonize relationships.

online / offline
INDIVIDUAL (as required) fee:
▪️1 x 1h 30min. session (Zoom/FaceTime as preferred) – $400

▪️4 х 1h 30min. sessions (Zoom/FaceTime as preferred) – $1500
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Live coaching

It has been written and said a lot about Life Coaching, as well as Coaching in general. Today, the Internet has enough information on Coaching in case you want to find the best definition for yourself.

I will describe the way I see and provide Coaching:
Each person has goals that he wants to achieve, challenges he sets for himself, and ideas that need some plan of action. Each person has periods of life when he can't move forward because of different reasons, often unclear to him, despite even the overall desire to change something in his life.

Wishing for improvements, a person needs support to develop and implement his vision and his goals, as well as assistance in the search for motivation, vitality, and potential to fulfill his dreams.

I agree with the ICF definition of coaching, according to which it is a joint partnership-based work with a client, aimed at enhancing his thinking and creativity, inspiring a client to maximize his personal and professional potential".

To me, it is a process of a real partnership between the Coach and the Client. In this process the task of the coach is to determine, clarify and structure the goals that the client wants to achieve, to encourage him to open up and study oneself, and as a result, to help him "unpack" himself, unleash his highest potential and fulfill his goals.

Coaching is a process that will allow you to achieve what you want by the fastest and the most comfortable means, and not on your own, but with professional support. If a person has the intention to grow and develop, then the coach gives him opportunities for this growth.

For me, it is crucial to create a trusting, safe, comfortable, and positive atmosphere at my coach sessions.

In my opinion, professionalism, internal energy, openness, and sometimes even the sense of humor :) make the process of coaching exciting and more effective.

An incredibly pleasant moment is when my clients leave counseling full of energy, being aware of their effectiveness, and resourcefulness. They take away something new, another insight, an action plan, a motivational idea, which reinforces their intention to go further and further, and the desire to transform themselves and their reality. This is when passion is born. I see how passionately they now want to change their lives, and as a result, the desired happens in the best possible way!

To see the positive changes in my clients, their happiness, and to understand that I am a part of it - this is why my work makes me happy, and that is why it is the real hobby of my life!)

Therapeutic coaching
Therapeutic coaching

Coaching is a powerful tool for setting goals and achieving the desired result. It is that very tool that will quickly and efficiently lead you to your goal, revealing your most profound potential, which will definitely improve you and your environment. Perhaps, this is one of the most ecological methods to transform your life.

A professional coach works within specific competencies and ethical standards. We are taught how to diagnose the client's readiness to work within this format.

We are talking about those potential clients who are not in coaching yet. It means that at the first meeting, the coach identifies certain psychological or other markers of a person that might mean they need to seek help from another specialist.

Therapeutic Coaching comes to the aid of those who have some psychological unreadiness. It could be, for example, a lack of motivation or understanding what to do and how, but having a complete lack of action. This concerns limiting beliefs, parental scenarios, recurring events, procrastination, dominant emotions, resistance to changes in general, or something else that needs psychological correction.

Therapeutic Coaching is a mix of simple therapy and coaching techniques. It allows you to become aware of what brings you forward, to work with it most comfortably and mildly, and then reach your own "best" through the prism of the "new" well-developed self in the best possible way.

What it helps to do:

- to reach a higher level of self-understanding, of management of your states, events, and goals;

- to maintain and strengthen the achieved result, excluding "rollbacks" to the previous state, into the repeating life scenarios and lower self-efficiency;

- to become aware of your behavioral patterns and their influence on you;

- to "re-program yourself," to transform, enrich yourself with new habits, skills, reactions, and actions that promote and strengthen you, instead of the old limiting ones. What is more important, it helps to root these new programs into you.

YOU "today" and YOU "tomorrow" are two completely different persons!

The task of the coach-psychologist in this approach is to accompany the client along his way to the positive changes; to help the client find and bring to a conscious level those obstacles that prevent him from achieving inner comfort, essential goals, desires, and sometimes even just a harmonious state and the feeling of being happy. A coach-psychologist also gives the client that very set of tools that he can use on his own to maintain and enhance the result.

Therapeutic coaching
A healthy psyche is at the heart of any strategically prepared Change.

As we have long known, changes are essential, necessary, and inevitable. The only question is what these changes are, how they affect us and our environment, what emotions they evoke,
and whose overall zone of influence/responsibility it is.

I like the hypothesis that the "future" predetermines the "present", and that it is our goal-setting
in conjunction with thinking patterns that underlie our actions. Indeed, in this case, accepting
responsibility for setting goals and focusing on the way to achieve them, we have all the chances
to influence and manage our lives.
In the end, what we have in reality is our conscious (or more often unconscious) goal.

Coaching is one of the most potent tools to formulate and achieve real goals. It uses all the possible external and internal resources already inherent in a person, given his uncovered, and yet unrevealed potential, and the situation as a whole.

Therapeutic Coaching
Often, the way to the top is paved with obstacles. Most often, they are internal and affect the level of self-motivation and the overall state. These obstacles could be repeated events, or behavioral patterns, inner beliefs, limitations, or resistance.

In this case, most likely, coaching will be effective only for a short period, and the "rollback" to the previous state may also take place.

Judging upon my personal experience, the experience of other people, and the scientific research, I can say that the mixed approach to counseling is the most effective one in clarifying, formulating the ultimate goal, and achieving and keeping the result.

It is the approach I have been using: the combination and the alternation of coaching and psychological methods.
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Irina Tishevskaya
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